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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005ABC of personal finance: a personal finance guideGupta, Nitin; Maheshwari, Ankit
2018All aboard the Metro rail? LTMRHL’s campaign for stakeholder supportKaul, Asha; Chaudhri, Vidhi
5-Apr-2010An analysis of upward influence strategies using speech act theory and face threatening actsKaul, Asha; Brammer, Charlotte
3-May-2009Asia business communication: country perspectives (India)Kaul, Asha
12-Sep-2012"Brigade."Kaul, Asha
12-Sep-2012"Brigade." (Teaching Note)Kaul, Asha
3-Aug-2021Building Farmer-corporate relationship: Analysis of contract farming and farm billsKumar, Manish; Khanna, Killada Rajeev; Vengilot, Rohit Unnikrishnan
1-Sep-2009Checkmate! Winning the Game of Communication: A Study of Conversational PrinciplesKaul, Asha; Pandit, Anuradha
26-Jul-2010Coffee, tea or ..? : Gender and Politeness in computer mediated communication (CMC)Kaul, Asha; Kulkarni, Vaibhavi
2017Corporate accountability to internal stakeholdersArora, Harsh; Ramesh, Shreekar
2017Corporate Communication through Social Media: Strategies for managing reputationKaul, Asha; Choudhri, Vidhi
28-Aug-2010Corporate Communications: Online Teaching Course Material for NIIT (CD 1)Kaul, Asha
2014Corporate reputation decoded: building, managing and strategizing for corporate excellenceKaul, Asha; Desai, A.
2020Crisis communication during Covid-19Tibrewal, Chirag; Sindhu, Puneet
8-Apr-2010Crossing the Digital Barrier: Leadership Issues for Women in the IT BPO SectorKaul, Asha; Jain, Rekha
2018Cultural differences in emotional reactions towards crisis communicationsS, Narayanan; S, Sreenidhi; Gupta, Srishti
18-Jul-2021Demystifying leadership: unveiling the Mahabharata codeKaul, Asha; Gupta, Vishal
2018Digital Activism: NGOs leveraging social media to influence/challenge Corporate Social ResponsibilityChaudhri, Vidhi; Kaul, Asha
2017Do celebrities have it all? Context collapse and the networked publicsKaul, Asha; Chaudhri, Vidhi
29-Apr-2023Doing “Reputation” in the Indian Context: An Employee PerspectiveDesai, Avani; Kaul, Asha; Chaudhri, Vidhi