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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-May-20111100 MT of SorghumAgarwal, Anurag K.
6-May-20111100 MT of Sorghum. (Teaching Note)Agarwal, Anurag K.
25-Oct-2015Aadhaar: unique recognition and a unique problemAgarwal, Anurag K.
2008ABN-AMRO deal: legal issues and other business aspects of barclays RBS bidding warGupte, Supriya; Dwibedi, Soumya
27-Dec-2015Abuse of discretionary powerAgarwal, Anurag K.
3-Apr-2016Actions speak louder than wordsAgarwal, Anurag K.
5-May-2014Aereo case: Technology versus lawAgarwal, Anurag K.
13-Dec-2013After WTO, what next for India?Agarwal, Anurag K.
2008Air Deccan: the common man with uncommon problemsKaushik, Mukherjee; Jain, Nikita
30-Jun-2014Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank - patenting abstract ideasAgarwal, Anurag K.
5-Mar-2017All about visa reciprocity: EU and the USAgarwal, Anurag K.
19-Jun-2016Amnesty to medical colleges a wrong moveAgarwal, Anurag K.
2008Analysis of legal aspects of SEZ developmnet in IndiaVerma, Manish; Balakrishnan, Arun; Gautam, Shaifali
2007Analysis of the oil & gas industry in Russia: role of the governmentB., Narayanan; Dola, Sasikanth
4-Oct-2015Antrix - devas arbitration award: real test beginsAgarwal, Anurag K.
5-Jun-2016API dispute: people gain, copyright losesAgarwal, Anurag K.
30Apple vs Samsaung : And the winner is patent regimeAgarwal, Anurag K.
20-May-2019Apple, apps and monopolyAgarwal, Anurag K.
1-May-2016Arbitrability of IP rights and Bombay high court judgmentAgarwal, Anurag K.
2016Arbitration and conciliation (amendment) act, 2015: arbitrators and conflict of interestAgarwal, Anurag K.