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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Nov-2013Access to higher education in India: an exploration of its antecedentsBasant, Rakesh; Sen, Gitanjali
2010Adaptiveness in water management institutions: nature, existence and impactBhamoriya, Vaibhav
8-Jul-2010Adoption of Communication Standards in Developing Economics: Issues and Options for IndiaBasant, Rakesh; Ramadesikan, G. R.
2015Adoption of modern management practices and IT in SMEs: opportunities for consultingK., Madhusoodhanan; Sreedharan, Sreekanth
1998Advertising regulations in India: in the context of the consumer and MRTPBordia, Amit
12-Dec-2009Agricultural research and technology transfer by the private sector in IndiaPray, Carl E.; Basant, Rakesh
26-Nov-2013Alliance capability, governance mechanisms and stakeholder management in complex settingsBasant, Rakesh; Rai, Rajnish
27-Jul-2010Analysing technology strategies: some issuesBasant, Rakesh
15-Nov-1997Analysing technology strategy: some issuesBasant, Rakesh
2018Analysis of ABOF’s business model and strategyAgarwal, Aditi; Brat, Vacha; Murali, Varsha
2006Analysis of number portability and challenges in implementation in IndiaLadva, Hirenkumar D.; Waghmare, Vibhushan S.
2016An analysis of socio-economic reforms in princely IndiaKiran, N. Raghu; Ray, Ratnendu
2006Analyzing the corporate response to economic reforms in IndiaSinghal, Shilpa; Pant, Kushagra
3-Jun-2010Ancillarization of the Autocomponent Sector in India: Strategies for Capability Building and Integration with Global MarketsBasant, Rakesh; Chandra, Pankaj; Sastry, Trilochan
2019Antecedents and consequences of top management team's power structure in a family business contextKerai, Anita
2006Antecedents of diversification: perspectives from theories of firmKarthik, D.
Dec-2001Application of industrial organization theories to strategic management: an introductory analysisBajaj, Himanshu; Sanwalka, Himanshu
2001Approaches to industrial analysis: the case of the telecom sectorMaini, Kunal; Sengupta, Subhabrata
26-May-2011An Arrested Virtuous Circle? Higher Education and High-Tech Industries in IndiaBasant, Rakesh; Mukhopadhyay, Partha
7-Sep-2021Assessing the policy ecosystem for startups in IndiaKhatri, Lovish Kumar; Bhalekar, Sanika Sanjay