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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Account receivable policies and practices in indian industriesSingh, Amardeep; Kapur, Varun
5-Oct-1994An agenda for health policy researchBhat, Ramesh; Satia, J. K.
1-Aug-2001Analysis of claims and reimbursements made under mediclaim policy of the General Insurance Corporation of IndiaBhat, Ramesh; Reuben, Elan
27-Oct-2006Analysis of public and private healthcare expenditureBhat, Ramesh; Jain, Nishant
22-Jul-2010Analysis of public expenditure on health using state level dataBhat, Ramesh; Jain, Nishant
2005Assessment of the electricity reforms: restructuring improving access and policies for the futureBalasubramaniam, S.
28-Jul-2010Associated Bearing Company LimitedPandey, I. M.; Bhat, Ramesh
2-Sep-2010Auto Care Centre: ShivranjiniJain, Abhinandan K.; Dixit, Mukund R.; Bhat, Ramesh; Maheshwari, Sunil
1-Sep-2010Aviva Life Insurance Direct Sales Force: Maintaining the Growth ImperativeMaheshwari, Sunil; Bhat, Ramesh; Kaur, Rupinder
2005Aviva's entry in Indian insurance industryAggarwal, Anubhav; Navandar, Amol
2008Case study: tech process solutions limitedGowda, Maruthi
26-Aug-2010Case: PMS at Tata SteelMaheshwari, Sunil; Bhat, Ramesh
12-May-2010Cases in Financial ManagementPandey, I. M.; Bhat, Ramesh
27-Oct-2005Cash and cash-equivalent holdings of companies in India: does the number of block-shareholders matterBhat, Ramesh; Bacchwat, Sujata
30-Jul-2010Cement Companies: Interfirm ComparisonPandey, I. M.; Bhat, Ramesh
30-Jul-2010Central Equipment CompanyPandey, I. M.; Bhat, Ramesh
3-Sep-2009Challenges in sustaining a hospital: lessons for managing healthcare institutionsMaheshwari, Sunil; Bhat, Ramesh
2-Nov-2007Commitment among state health officials and its implications for health sector reforms: lessons from GujaratMaheshwari, Sunil; Bhat, Ramesh; Saha, Somen
24-Jul-2009Commitment of State Health Officials: Identifying Factors and Scope for ImprovementMaheshwari, Sunil; Bhat, Ramesh; Saha, Somen
13-Aug-2009Contracting-out of Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) Services through Mother NGO Scheme in India: Experiences and ImplicationsBhat, Ramesh; Maheshwari, Sunil; Saha, Somen