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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Apr-2010Adult Education for Social ChangeRao, T. V.; Bhatt, Anil; Rama Rao, T. P.
17-May-2010Akshara Kalpavriksha: External Evaluation Report of Total Literacy Campaign, Tumkur District, KarnatakaBhatt, Anil; Manikutty, S.
13-May-2010Alternative Delivery System for Poverty Alleviation ProgrammeBhatt, Anil
19-Jul-1978The art of being a successful seminaristBhatt, Anil
13-Apr-2010Baroda's Experiment in Urban DecentralizationBhatt, Anil
22-Apr-2010Baroda's Experiment in Urban DecentralizationBhatt, Anil
17-Apr-2010Baroda's experiment in urban decentralization: a study of some administrative aspectsBhatt, Anil
30-Apr-2010Building from Below: Local Initiative for Decentralized Development in Asia and PacificBhatt, Anil; Ladivinia, Carino; Khalid, Shanis
30-Apr-2010Building from Below: Local Initiatives for Decentralized Development in Asia and Pacific-
13-May-2010Case Study on Development of Women and Children in Rural AreasCowlagi, V. R. S.; Bhatt, Anil
23-Apr-2010City Management: A Study of Some Aspects of Municipal Administration in Ahmedabad and BarodaBhatt, Anil; Monappa, Arun; Subramanyam, Amala
28-Sep-1990Code of conduct for political executiveBhatt, Anil
16-Aug-1979Colonial bureaucratice culture and development administrationBhatt, Anil
26-Apr-2010Community Health Volunteer Scheme in GujaratBhatt, Anil; Maru, R. M.; Prabhakar, A. S.
28-Apr-2010Community Involvement in Primary Health Care-
2-Jun-2010Community Participation in Rural Drinking Water and Sanitation ProjectsManikutty, S.; Mavalankar, Dileep; Bhatt, Anil
2-Jun-2010Community Participation in Water and Sanitation ProgrammesManikutty, S.; Mavalankar, Dileep; Bhatt, Anil
30-Jun-2010Critical Elements in Design of Poverty Alleviation ProgrammesBhatt, Anil
30-Apr-2010Decentralization for Rural Development: An Overview of South Asian ExperienceBhatt, Anil
28-Apr-2010Decentralized Planning in IndiaVyas, V. S.; Bhatt, Anil; Shah, S. M.