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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Ableism and employment of persons with disabilities: organizational socialization of employees with blindnessVashisth, Tarun Kumar
21-Mar-2022Activity-based costing and value chain analysis of heart transplant surgeryChopra, Ankush; Prajapati, Ayush
7-Sep-2021Activity-based costing of transplant surgeryChopra, Ankush; Prajapati, Ayush
21-Mar-2022Ahmedabad Hospitals & Nursing home Association (AHNA)Nambiar, Abhishek; Varma, Akhil
2020Analysing the systemic changes of HR in start-ups due to COVID-19Vyshnavi, Vaddi Veda; Avinash, Vankodoth
2018Analysis of organ donation ecosystem in India and recommendationsSanganeria, Apeksha
2020Analysis of the impact of unethical policies and practices on employeesMunda, Pranay; Kodam, Saketh
2015Analyzing multimedia data: exploring the dimensions of context in ICT for development researchChandwani, Rajesh; De, Rahul
2015APML drives a culture of ownership and innovation: open-door policy makes employees feel part of the familyChandwani, Rajesh; Varkkey, Biju
2020Application of data analytics for the comparative analysis of government health insurance schemesRakesh, Abhishek; V., Ganesh
5-Feb-2019Bottled Water-Problem in CampusChandwani, Rajesh
5-Feb-2019Bottled Water-Problem in Campus: A Teaching NoteChandwani, Rajesh; Varkkey, Biju; Kadamberi, Vidya
7-Sep-2021Challenges faced by women entrepreneurs: financial constraintsGora, Aditya; Kumari, Sakshi
7-Sep-2021Close relationship between employee Perception and the Financial Performance and Growth of the Startups in IndiaKulshreshtha, Nitin; Goyal, Shubham
2020Competition and collaboration among MSMEs during times of crisisS., Richard Joshua; Nehete, Vaibhav
2014Consumer behaviour along PLC: a diffusion of innovation perspectiveSharma, Rajat; Chandwani, Rajesh
2020“Context” in healthcare information technology resistance: a systematic review of extant literature and agenda for future researchKumar, Mayank; Singh, Jang Bahadur; Chandwani, Rajesh; Gupta, Agam
2016Discordance between lipid markers used for predicting cardiovascular risk in patients with type 2 diabetesModi, K.D.; Chandwani, Rajesh; Ahmed, Ishaq; Kumar, K.V.S. Hari
Mar-2016Doctor-patient interaction in telemedicine: logic of choice and logic of care perspectivesChandwani, Rajesh; De, Rahul
2013Does the Big Idea drive the social enterprises? The role of mission and vision in scaling upChandwani, Rajesh; Srinivasan, Vasanthi; Jha, Mithileswar; Nagadevara, V