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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Sep-1991Adversary activities and per capita income growthDatta, Samar K.; Nugent, J. B.
25-Aug-2010Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard Problems in Business Contracts: Technical NoteDatta, Samar K.
6-Sep-2010Agribusiness Interventions by an International Agency: A Case Study of BoBPDatta, Samar K.; Elangovan, Ramalingam
5-Jul-2010AgricultureChakraborti, M.; Datta, Samar K.
11-Oct-1997Agriculture-industry interface in the sugar economy of IndiaGupta, Kirti Bardhan; Datta, Samar K.; Sen, S.
5-Aug-2010An Analytical Frame for Appreciating the Role of Allied Agricultural SectorsDatta, Samar K.; Kapoor, Sanjeev
1-Jul-2010Are Fundamental Economic Forces Always More Powerful? Lessons from Some Cross-Sectional and Inter-Termporal Evidence on Impact on Barga Recording from West BengalDatta, Samar K.; Kapoor, Sanjeev
1-Jun-2010Are Land Reforms and Engine of Rural Development: A Study of GujaratDatta, Samar K.; Oza, A. N.; Desai, Bhupat M.; Kapoor, Sanjeev
2008Assessing Credit Market Interventions for Livelihood Promotion against the Evolving Credit Plus ApproachDatta, Samar K.; Pal, Debdatta
2013Assessing policy interventions in agri-business and allied sector: credit versus credit-plus approach in livelihood promotionDatta, Samar K.; Pal, Debdatta; Ghosh, Anirban; Naskar, Souvik; Layek, Tapas
9-May-2011Assessing Policy Interventions in Agribusiness and Allied Sector Credit versus Credit Plus Approach for Livelihood PromotionDatta, Samar K.
29-Sep-1991Bahrain's Pearling industry: how it was, why It was that way and Its ImplicationsDatta, Samar K.; Nugent, J. B.
1994Boosting export of oil seeds and oil seed based products from IndiaLuthra, Naveen; Chand, Subhash
1994Brackish water shrimp exports: present status and future prospectsSahoo, Ashok Kumar; Singh, Chandra Shekhar
9-Aug-2010Budiali Fishermen's Cooperative Society Ltd.Datta, Samar K.
1996Business strategies for the Indian coffee producers to market coffee in the world marketBhatia, Ashish
31-Mar-2010Can globalisation be an unqualified key to success? the case of Indian RiceDatta, Samar K.; Kapoor, Sanjeev; Awasthi, M. K.
18-Oct-2001Can heterogeneity and social cohesion coexist in self-help groups? an evidence from group lending in Andhra Pradesh in IndiaDatta, Samar K.; Raman, M.
25-Oct-2004Can poor country small producers outsmart their rich country large counterparts? strategies for the Indian dairy farmerDatta, Samar K.; Nilakantan, Rahul
24-Aug-2010Caselets on Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard in Business ContractsDatta, Samar K.