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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-May-2010A consumption society at grass root levelsJain, Subhash
28-Dec-1971Effect on fittingness, type of goods and type of slogan on brand awarenessMisra, Sasi B.; Jain, Subhash
16-Apr-2010Family Planning Programme ManagementJain, Subhash
16-Apr-2010Family Planning Programme ManagementSatia, J. K.; Jain, Subhash
28-May-1969Organization for advertisingJain, Subhash
16-Apr-2010A Simulation Model of a Marketing System in IndiaSatia, J. K.; Jain, Subhash
8-Apr-2010A Simulation Model of Marketing System in IndiaJain, Subhash; Satia, J. K.
28-Feb-1968Social class and life cycle as predictors of shopping behaviourJain, Subhash; Rich, Stuart U.
8-Apr-2010A Study of the Marketing Practices of Public EnterprisesJain, Subhash