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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993Acceptance/ Rejection of Gendered Brands of Androgynous ProductsVerma, Radhesh C.; Biswas, Sujit Kumar
18-Aug-2010Arun Ice CreamKoshy, Abraham; Venkiteswaran, N.
1-Dec-1998Brand specific associations and consumer involvement in the evaluation of brand extensionsGanapathy, Shobha; Koshy, Abraham; Banerjee, Bibek
1993Brand strategy: brand extensions in the Indian contextPantvadiya, Nachiket.; Ganpathy, P. R.
14-Dec-2009Can targeting work in food security programmes? a study of consumer behaviour and the fair price shop system for food in IndiaGandhi, Vasant P.; Koshy, Abraham
1994Changing roles and functions of retailers: a study of retail behaviourAnand, Vandana; Sarda, Saket
1997Cognitive development structure and brand choice behaviour of childrenCherian, Mary
22-Mar-2000Commodity brands: a study of Buyer's perceptions about product attributesSadh, Ashish
3-Aug-2009Comprehensive Analysis of Exclusive Brand Store Customer in Indian MarketKureshi, Sonal; Sood, Vandana; Koshy, Abraham
1998Consumer evaluation of brand extensions: the process, and moderating role of involvementGanapathy, Shobha
24-Aug-2010Dainik JagranSinha, Piyush Kumar; Koshy, Abraham
1-Sep-2010Dainik Jagran (A): Towards a New DirectionSinha, Piyush Kumar; Koshy, Abraham; Singh, Anuj
15-Jan-2010Determinants of B2B salesperson’s performance: a review and synthesis of literatureSingh, Ramendra; Koshy, Abraham
31-Aug-2010Dettol: Brand Extension DecisionsKoshy, Abraham; Kureshi, Sonal
4-May-2011Does salesperson’s customer orientation create value in B2B relationships? empirical evidence from IndiaSingh, Ramendra; Koshy, Abraham
Mar-2001Effect of sales promotion on perception of brand equityZacharias, Siby
2010Effects of price discrepancies, referents for comparison and prior trust in seller on buyers perceptions of price unfairness, subsequent trust and purchase intentionTripathi, Sanjeev
27-Oct-2005An empirical analysis of different types of consumer promotions in Indian marketJha-Dang, Priya; Koshy, Abraham; Sharma, Dinesh
5-Sep-2009An Empirical View of the Different Types of Consumer Promotions in IndiaJha-Dang, Priya; Koshy, Abraham
18-Aug-2010FoodWorld (A): Market Entry StrategyKoshy, Abraham; Raghuram, G.; Banerjee, Bibek