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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jul-19763-D personal effectiveness gridPareek, Udai
15-Jul-1976Achievement motive and competitive behaviourPareek, Udai; Banerjee, Debdatta
19-Jun-2010Action PlanningPareek, Udai
1975Adoption of family planning: a process model and optimal pattern for the visit of a field workerBhatnagar, Subhash C.
1980Adoption of management systems in Indian organisationsNagabrahmam, D.
Apr-1974An analysis of co-operation and competition amongst preadolescentsPareek, Udai; Dixit, Narendra
13-Mar-2010Application of systems approach at the micro level in education: two casesPareek, Udai; Rao, T. V.
24-Jun-2010Application of Systems Approach at the Micro-level in EducationPareek, Udai; Rao, T. V.
13-Mar-2010Approach and avoidance behaviour of managersPareek, Udai
26-Apr-2010Behavioural Processes in OrganizationsPareek, Udai; Rao, T. V.; Pestonjee, D. M.
19-Apr-2010Behavioural Sciences: A Study on Population Research in IndiaPareek, Udai; Rao, T. V.
26-Apr-2010Beyond Management: Essays on the Process of Institution BuildingPareek, Udai
21-Mar-2010Change and innovations: a select bibliography of books for the use of those who are concerned with educational innovationsPareek, Udai
14-Sep-1981Changing concepts of human resource managementPareek, Udai
16-Jul-1976Classroom interaction behaviour of teachers and students mental healthRao, T. V.; Pareek, Udai
25-Jun-1975The concept and the process of organisation developmentPareek, Udai
22-Jun-2010The Concept and the Process of Organization's DevelopmentPareek, Udai
19-Jun-2010Conceptual Model of Decision-Making in the University SystemPareek, Udai; Rao, T. V.
22-Jun-2010A Conceptual Model of Work MotivationPareek, Udai
25-Jul-1974A conceptual model of work motivationPareek, Udai