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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Mar-201045th Annual Convocation (2010)-
1977An application of cost benefit analysis to rural electrificationRanganathan, Venkataraman
30-May-1970Bank portfolio management: a linear programming approachRangarajan, C.; Satia, J. K.
29-Jun-1974Banking development since nationalization and reduction in disparitiesRangarajan, C.
9-Jul-1977Budget without a focusRangarajan, C.
31-Aug-1974Capital expenditures in corporate sector- a forecast for 1974Rangarajan, C.
14-Mar-2010Capital expenditures in corporate sector: a forecast for 1974Rangarajan, C.
7-Apr-2010Capital Expenditures in Corporate Sector: Forecast for 1974Rangarajan, C.
30-Aug-1969Cash management in banksRangarajan, C.; Satia, J. K.
8-Apr-2010Changing Pattern of India's Export TradeWadhva, Charan D.; Rangarajan, C.
30-Aug-1980Choice of technology in sugar industryRangarajan, C.; Kalro, A. H.
14-Mar-2010Conflict between employment and inflation: theory and factsRangarajan, C.
29-Jun-1974Containing demand pressures on pricesRangarajan, C.
1976Corporate dividend behaviour with special emphasis on growth and controlled companiesDhameja, Nand L.
27-Mar-2010Corporate investment for 1979: a forecastRangarajan, C.
13-Mar-2010Corporate investment in 1976: a forecastRangarajan, C.
12-Apr-2010Corporate Investment in 1976: A ForecastRangarajan, C.
29-Jun-1976Corporate investment in 1976: a forecast review of managementRangarajan, C.
20-Mar-2010Corporate investment in 1977: a forecastRangarajan, C.
16-Apr-1977Corporate investment in 1977: a forecastRangarajan, C.