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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Apr-2010Abstracts of Management Literature-
21-Apr-2010Abstracts of Management Literature-
3-May-2010Adult Education Programme in Gujarat: An Impact StudySaiyadain, Mirza S.; Murthy, Nirmala; Singh, J. P.
7-Apr-2010Ahmedabad Disturbances, July 1973Verma, Pramod; Saiyadain, Mirza S.
26-Apr-2010Attitudes and Values of Upcoming Nigerian Professionals: A Question of ConcernNambudiri, C. N. S.; Saiyadain, Mirza S.
1991Attracting and retaining human resourcesSebastine, K. M.
1989Bias in testing; a study of bank selection testsBalasubramanian, A. G.
1987Camps recruitment and management trainee scheme: an overviewAhir, Prashant Pratap
10-May-2010Challenges in Adult EducationSingh, J. P.; Saiyadain, Mirza S.; Murthy, Nirmala
12-May-2010Challenges in Adult Education: An Impact Study in GujaratSaiyadain, Mirza S.; Murthy, N.; Singh, J. P.
28-Sep-1990Changing business environment in IndiaSaiyadain, Mirza S.
14-Mar-2010Communal conflict in India with special reference to July 1973 riots in AhmedabadSaiyadain, Mirza S.
1-Jun-1969Communicator discrepancy, measurement delay and influenceSaiyadain, Mirza S.
1-May-1969Communicator discrepancy, perceived creditability, and opinion changeSaiyadain, Mirza S.
Jul-1969Cross-cultural study of behaviour in groupsDayal, Ishwar; Saiyadain, Mirza S.
18-Oct-1970Cross-cultural validation of motivation-hygiene theoryDayal, Ishwar; Saiyadain, Mirza S.
1973Effect of sex and level of education on F-score: a cross cultural studySaiyadain, Mirza S.
1980Effectiveness of industrial relations systems at the enterprise levelNayar, Meenakshi
2-Jun-2010The effects of influence conditions and discrepancy upon authoritarian conformitySaiyadain, Mirza S.; Summers, D.A.
26-Jul-2010Elements of Performance AppraisalSaiyadain, Mirza S.