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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jan-1970Absenteeism : a search for correlatesSharma, Baldev R.
3-Sep-1971Alienation in indian workerSharma, Baldev R.
18-May-2010Beliefs of the supervisory staff in the banking industryDayal, Ishwar; Sharma, Baldev R.
30-Nov-1968The blue-collar worker: a sociological analysisSharma, Baldev R.
3-May-1973The business of a business enterpriseSharma, Baldev R.
3-Oct-1968Commitment to industrial work: a methodological noteSharma, Baldev R.
3-Jul-1968Commitment to industrial work: the case of the Indian automobile workerSharma, Baldev R.
3-Jul-1972Community involvement of the Indian workerSharma, Baldev R.
3-Oct-1971Company satisfactionSharma, Baldev R.
8-Apr-2010Effectiveness of Post-Graduate ProgrammeHegde, B. K.; Sharma, Baldev R.; Nambudiri, C. N. S.
3-Jun-1969The Indian industrial workerSharma, Baldev R.
9-Jun-1973The Indian Industrial Worker: his origin, experience and destinySharma, Baldev R.
19-Apr-2010The Indian Industrial Worker: Issues in PerspectiveSharma, Baldev R.
2-Jun-1973Industrial relations in the public sector: a critique of the national seminarsSharma, Baldev R.
3-Jun-2010The industrial worker: some myths and realitiesSharma, Baldev R.
3-Oct-1973Is management a profession in India?Sharma, Baldev R.
3-Sep-1970Occupational AspirationsSharma, Baldev R.
7-Apr-2010Occupational Values and BusinessSharma, Baldev R.
5-Jun-1971Occupational values and businessSharma, Baldev R.
19-Apr-2010Occupational Values and Business: A Cross Cultural ComparisonSharma, Baldev R.