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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Sep-1981Attitude towards union as related to morale and job involvementPestonjee, D. M.; Singh, A. P.; Singh, S. P.
19-Jul-2010Beyond FamilyManikutty, S.; Singh, S. P.
20-Jul-2010Crises of IdentityManikutty, S.; Singh, S. P.
1988Design and development of a follow - up system for cashRastogi, Deepak
12-Jan-2011The Essence of Leadership: Explorations from LiteratureManikutty, S.; Singh, S. P.
12-May-2010Financial Market and Financial InstrumentsSingh, S. P.; Mukhopadhay, S.
19-Jul-2010For Ever YoungManikutty, S.; Singh, S. P.
1989Future of mutual funds in IndiaSahoo, G. S.; Chanda, Sampa
19-Jul-2010Knight in Shining ArmourManikutty, S.; Singh, S. P.
19-Jul-2010LeadershipManikutty, S.; Singh, S. P.
1992Loan pricingBhatnagar, Rajeev; Kalra, Rajesh
20-Jul-2010The Lonely CowherdManikutty, S.; Singh, S. P.
19-Jul-2010Mad MonarchManikutty, S.; Singh, S. P.
19-Jul-2010Master of the GameManikutty, S.; Singh, S. P.
20-Jul-2010Play The GameManikutty, S.; Singh, S. P.
16-Sep-1981Productivity in relation to morale participation and alienationPestonjee, D. M.; Singh, A. P.; Singh, S. P.
19-Jul-2010A Question of EthicsManikutty, S.; Singh, S. P.
20-Jul-2010Starry Starry NightsManikutty, S.; Singh, S. P.
1987Study of potential for marketing a new brand of whole milk powder in small pack sizesSingh, S. P.
20-Jul-2010Windmills of the MindManikutty, S.; Singh, S. P.