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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Adoption of natural resource management technologies under information constraints: the case of system of rice intensification (SRI) in IndiaVarma, Poornima
2017Adoption of system of rice intensification and its impact on rice yields and household income: an analysis for IndiaVarma, Poornima
15-Jun-2017Adoption of system of rice intensification under information constraints: an analysis for IndiaVarma, Poornima
2020An analysis of domestic and export potential of India’s animal feed industryMehta, Danish S; Wadhwa, Karan
7-Sep-2021Analysis of pricing to market behaviour of India’s processed foods and juices exportsNadig, Amruth; Shukla, Anmol; Madan, Aman
2020An analysis of the impact of subsidies and tarriffs on agricultural trade - the case of United States and IndiaSharma, Aaushi; Ansari, Fareed Mohammad; Swami, Samay
2014An analysis of the structure and the determinants of intra-industry trade in agri-food products: case of India and selected FTAsVarma, Poornima; Ramakrishnan, Anjali
2016Are Indian rice exporters able to price discriminate? empirical evidence for basmati and non-basmati riceVarma, Poornima; Issar, Akash
22-Dec-2023Assessment of Marketing Channel Choice and its Impacts: The Case of Paddy Smallholders in IndiaChauhan, Sonalee; Varma, Poornima; Singh, Sukhpal
26-May-2022Be wary of growing exportsVarma, Poornima
6-Apr-2022Challenges of saving water: the adoption and impact of micro-irrigation technology in agricultureSingh, Gurpreet
17-Mar-2017The Concept of Pricing to Market and Exchange Rate Pass ThroughVarma, Poornima
2014Do free trade agreements promote intra–industry trade? the case of India and its FTAsRamakrishnan, Anjali; Varma, Poornima
Dec-2022Effective brand building strategy for agriculture and processed food through online marketingSingh, Ankur; Ranpura, Nilesh Dineshchandra
2014Enhancing Rice Productivity and Food Security: A Study of the Adoption of the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in Selected States of IndiaVarma, Poornima
7-Sep-2021Export potential, opportunities and challenges faced by selected marine products exported from IndiaSharma, Vikas M; Pramanik, Tanmoy; Khandala, Arun
2015Impact of futures trading on spot markets: an empirical analysis of rubber in IndiaGupta, Akanksha; Varma, Poornima
10-Mar-2017India's horticulture sector - A port- level analysis of onion export pricingVarma, Poornima; Issar, Akash
2014Intra Industry Trade and Likely Labour Market Adjustment in SAFTA: Exploring the Reasons for Poor Intra-Regional and Intra-Industry TradeVarma, Poornima
5-Apr-2017Intra-industry trade and labour market adjustment: Indian manufacturing sectorVarma, Poornima; Issar, Akash