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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Antecedents and consequences of job crafting by school teachersDash, Sanket Sunand
25-Aug-2010Appreciating Differences using the Myers-Briggs Type IndicatorVohra, Neharika; Pandey, Niti
7-Jul-2010Aravind Eye Care SystemManikutty, S.; Vohra, Neharika
28-Aug-2010Aravind Eye Care System: Giving the Most Precious GiftManikutty, S.; Vohra, Neharika
18-Oct-2000Are you likely to ingratiate in a context you are unfamiliar with?Vohra, Neharika
13-Aug-2009Attitudes of the Youth towards Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of India and ChinaGoel, Abhishek; Vohra, Neharika; Zhang, Liyan; Arora, Bhupinder
18-Oct-2000Book review of management and cultural values: indigenization of organizations in AsiaVohra, Neharika
11-Nov-2008Bringing about changes at a large engineering college: lessons for designers and implementers of large scale change effortsVohra, Neharika; Nair, Nisha
22-Aug-2009Bringing about Changes at a Large Engineering College:Lessons for Designers and Implementers of Large Scale Change EffortsVohra, Neharika; Nair, Nisha
25-Aug-2010C K EngineeringVohra, Neharika; Singh, Manjari
22-Aug-2009The Case of OD in an NGO in IndiaNair, Nisha; Vohra, Neharika
8-Sep-2011The Case of OD in an NGO in IndiaNair, Nisha; Vohra, Neharika
2007Challenges faced by start-upsKhandelwal, Mudit; Patwari, Vikash
2019Challenges faced by start-ups in workforce managementSaha, Ankita; Ravikumar, Meghna
2015Challenging of real barriers: inclusion of persons with disabilitiesVohra, Neharika; Chari, Vijayalakshmi
17-Aug-2020Challenging the discourse of leadership as knowledge: knowing and not knowingDoshi, Vijayta; Turner, Paaige K.; Vohra, Neharika
24-Nov-2000Changing the rules of the game while playing by them: some suggestion for women working outside the homeVohra, Neharika
20-Oct-2002Characteristics of effective communicators: perceptions of Indian managersJoseph, B.; Vohra, Neharika
10-Mar-2001Characteristics of effective communicators: perceptions of Indian managersNeelankavil, Benny Joseph
8-Mar-2001Chief executives' strategies for job categorization, assignment and resource allocation in small scale family owned businessesPant, Sushil Kumar