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dc.contributor.authorGupta, Anil K.-
dc.description.abstractThe differences in homeostatic ability of various sections of the society influencing their risk adjustment capacity in drought prone regions seem to explain why more people stay on than why few people migrate out. In this paper, a framework for analysis of the problem of rural population retention in dry, semi-arid regions is presented from the point of view of seasonality and stratification. It is suggested that the land transfer process leading to immeserization in some places is considerably influenced by the ecological context which determines the extent to which seasonal stresses constrain various decision making options for investment, employment or migration. Tentative evidence from Haryana and Maharashtra has been presented to hypothesize a conceptual framework for analyzing staying on process in such regions.en
dc.subjectSemi - Arid Zonesen
dc.titleSeasonality, stratification and staying on process in semi-arid regionsen
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