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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Mar-2017IIMA grads make Holi colours with a differenceBhatia, Tanushree
23-Apr-2016No. of women in IIMA PGPX risesBhatia, Tanushree
4-May-2016Muscular dystrophy no handicap for her dreamsBhatia, Tanushree
16-Apr-2016Need for all of us to listen to each other: Rajmohan GandhiBhatia, Tanushree
28-May-2016IIMA Profs' solution to sudden spike in airfaresBhatia, Tanushree
26-Apr-2016Home to IIMA: couple chases entrepreneurial dreamsBhatia, Tanushree
23-Jun-2016From dejection to elation for 18 IIMA studentsBhatia, Tanushree
24-Jun-2016Lalbhai no longer with IIMA BoardBhatia, Tanushree
14-Jul-2016Highest no. of non-engineers admitted at IIMA in five yearsBhatia, Tanushree
9-Aug-2016City architects design biggest IIM CampusBhatia, Tanushree