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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Apr-2016Carrying forward their dosti to IIMARana, Niyati
22-Apr-2016IIMA betters outreach programmeRana, Niyati
28-May-2016IIMA proposes, Smriti disposesRana, Niyati
12-Aug-2016Students who fail to cope up drop outRana, Niyati
24-Sep-2016IIMA chairman's post: Three names in reckoningRana, Niyati; Rana, Niyati
20-Dec-2013IIMA should join public policy makingRana, Niyati
20-Dec-2013IIMA to start doctoral course to train educationistsRana, Niyati
27-Dec-2013IIMA students among those backing AAPRana, Niyati
18-Dec-2014IIM trains students on policy executionRana, Niyati
26-Jul-2014BJYM member takes lessons at IIMARana, Niyati