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Title: The trucking industry an introductory note
Authors: Raghuram, G.
Padmanabhan, G.
Keywords: Trucking industry
Issue Date: 24-Mar-2010
Series/Report no.: WP;1992/1026
Abstract: The paper concludes that considering the inability of Railways to provide piecemeal wagons, it is essential to encourage the movement of goods by roads. Inspite of the unorganized nature of the private companies engaged in the movement of goods, the trucking operation in India seems to be fairly efficient. This is partly reflected in the increasing rate in the growth of movement of goods by roads. The road infrastructure and service management need to be improved substantially, to make the trucking industry vibrant. However, it is important to identify the commodities that can be transported economically by rail and develop strategies to encourage this, from an energy point of view.
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