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Title: Digital Activism: NGOs leveraging social media to influence/challenge Corporate Social Responsibility
Other Titles: Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility in the Digital Era
Authors: Chaudhri, Vidhi
Kaul, Asha
Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility;Social Media;NGO
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Routledge
Citation: Chaudhri, V., & Kaul, A. (2018). Digital Activism: NGOs Leveraging Social Media to Influence/Challenge Corporate Social Responsibility. In A. Lindgreen, J. Vanhamme, R. Watkins, & F. Maon, Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility in the Digital Era. UK: Routledge
Abstract: Although literature on corporate social responsibility is vast, research into the use and effectiveness of various communications through digital platforms about such corporate responsibility is scarce. This gap is surprising; communicating about corporate social responsibility initiatives is vital to organizations that increasingly highlight their corporate social responsibility initiatives to position their corporate brands for both consumers and other stakeholders. Yet these organizations still sometimes rely on traditional methods to communicate, or even decide against communicating at all, because they fear triggering stakeholders’ skepticism or cynicism. A systematic, interdisciplinary examination of corporate social responsibility communication through digital platforms therefore is necessary, to establish an essential definition and up-to-date picture of the field. This research anthology addresses the above objectives. Drawing on marketing, management, and communication disciplines, among others, this anthology examines how organizations construct, implement, and use digital platforms to communicate about their corporate social responsibility and thereby achieve their organizational goals. The 21 chapters in this anthology reflect six main topic sections: Challenges and opportunities for communicating corporate social responsibility through digital platforms. Moving toward symmetry and interactivity in digital corporate social responsibility communication. Fostering stakeholder engagement in and through digital corporate social responsibility communication. Leveraging effective digital corporate social responsibility communication. Digital activism and corporate social responsibility. Digital methodologies and corporate social responsibility.
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