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Title: Managing corporate reputation through social media
Other Titles: Managing Public Relations and Brand Image through Social Media
Authors: Kaul, Asha
Singh, Anurag
Keywords: Public relations;Branding - Marketing;Social media
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: IGI Global
Citation: Kaul, A., & Desai, A. (2016). Managing corporate reputation through social media. In Managing public relations and brand image through social media (pp.30-46). Hershey: IGI Global.
Abstract: Each consumer now has the power to be a journalist, reviewer, and whistle blower. The prevalence of social media has made it possible to alter a brand’s reputation with a single viral post, or spark a political movement with a hashtag. This new landscape requires a strategic plasticity and careful consideration of how the public will react to an organization’s actions. Participation in social media is mandatory for a brand’s success in this highly competitive online era. Managing Public Relations and Brand Image through Social Media provides the latest research and theoretical framework necessary to find ease in the shifting public relations and reputation management worlds. It provides an overview of the tools and skills necessary to deftly sidestep public affronts and to effectively use online outlets to enhance an organization’s visibility and reputation. This publication targets policy makers, website developers, students and educators of public relations, PR, and advertising professionals, and organizations who wish to better understand the effects of social media.
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