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Title: Access and delivery in local governance: a case study of Vadgam
Authors: Verma, Pratyush
Kingsley, Samson Anto
Keywords: Consituency;The Members of Legislative Assembly Local Area Development Scheme;Vadgam
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
Series/Report no.: SP_2459
Abstract: The Members of Legislative Assembly Local Area Development Scheme (MLALADS) enables each MLA to undertake developmental actions in his/her constituency through centrally allocated funds amounting to around 2 crore per year, the exact expense is capped varying by the state. It is modeled after MPLADS which started in 1994. The works undertaken in this scheme are towards “creating durable community assets satisfying locally felt needs.”1 The projects undertaken could belong to any broad category from construction of institutions like schools, subways, community halls etc. to provision of services like street lighting, computers in schools, toilets etc. Though a lot of constituencies are in need of civic amenities and reforms, only 50% of the allocated funds are generally spent.1 Some of the pre-identified problems include “storming” i.e., the MLAs spend the most in the last two years and least in first year after elections and calling off projects midway the tender process, which delays the implementation phase. The challenge lies in ensuring that the projects undertaken and the funds spent truly represent constituency’s needs.
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