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Title: Covid-19's impact on supply chain decisions: strategic insights from NASDAQ 100 firms using Twitter data
Authors: Sharma, Amalesh
Adhikary, Anirban
Borah, Sourav Bikash
Keywords: Covid-19;Supply chain;Strategic insights
Issue Date: 12-Jun-2020
Publisher: Journal of Business Research
Citation: Sharma, A., Adhikary, A., & Borah, S. B. (2020). Covid-19′ s impact on supply chain decisions: Strategic insights from NASDAQ 100 firms using Twitter data. Journal of Business Research, 117, 443-449.
Abstract: The coronavirus pandemic is having a clear impact on the supply chains of virtually all manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers. As the world attempts to navigate through this difficult time, most companies are struggling to maintain a steady flow of required goods and services. Whether it is frozen foods and grocery items (i.e., toilet papers), or ventilators and masks, or even the services (i.e., clinic visits), the supply chain has been facing multiple obstacles. Most models and frameworks built in the extant literature are not been able to capture these disruptions and as such, firms are not having proper strategies to deal with. For firms with complex supply chains (i.e., manufacturing, retailing), it is indeed critical to identify strategies to deal with such a crisis. In this paper, we intend to offer strategic insights in terms of major issues firms are facing and strategic options firms are contemplating. We rely on the twitter data from NASDAQ 100 firms to generate themes regarding the issues faced by the firms and the strategies they are adopting using text analytics tools. We find that firms are facing challenges in terms of demand-supply mismatch, technology, and development of a resilient supply chain. Moreover, moving beyond profitability, firms are experiencing difficulties to construct a sustainable supply chain. We provide futuristic strategic recommendations for the rebuilding of the supply chain.
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