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Title: Leadership lessons/principles through Indian and Greek literature
Authors: Mittal, Vinamra
Sharma, Pretty
Keywords: Leadership;Greek and Indian mythology;Situational leadership;Disruptive leadership
Issue Date: Dec-2022
Publisher: Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
Abstract: The present study aims at exploring leadership style comparison between ancient Greek and Indian mythological leaders and further draws similarities with a few current global leadership icons. Learnings from this lens are then applied to a three-pillar model which creates a trilogy between situations, leadership styles, and outcomes that can be observed in modern-era leadership. Subsequently, introduce the Disruptive Leadership Model and Theory exploring required competencies in disruptive leaders that can also be observed in the mythological characters studied in our research. This qualitative study analyses Indian mythological (Mahabharata) characters, i.e., Bhishma, Kunti, Shakuni & Krishna, and Greek mythological characters, i.e., Ares, Athena, Zeus, and Poseidon, and their mindful leadership styles. These characters exhibit leadership styles with fundamental principles, which may also be applicable in the modern era. The research has been built on the premise that Greek and Indian mythological literature provides pathways to shape global leaders' values, outlooks, and beliefs.
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