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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Jan-2010Creative restructuringKhandwalla, Pradip N.
13-Mar-2010Management of divercificaiton in the public sectorChaudhuri, Shekhar; Khandwalla, Pradip N.
14-Mar-2010Contingency theory: a third world viewKhandwalla, Pradip N.
12-Mar-2010Crisis responses of competing versus noncompeting organizationsKhandwalla, Pradip N.
14-Mar-2010Organizations of the future: a strategic organization perspectiveKhandwalla, Pradip N.
12-Mar-2010Organizational effectiveness: post-1976 survey of Indian researchKhandwalla, Pradip N.
12-Mar-2010Organizational behaviour research in India: a reviewKhandwalla, Pradip N.
14-Mar-2010Corporate sickness and its prevention by financial institutionsKhandwalla, Pradip N.
12-Mar-2010Study of organizational policiesKhandwalla, Pradip N.
13-Mar-2010Properties of competing organizationsKhandwalla, Pradip N.