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Title: Checkmate! Winning the Game of Communication: A Study of Conversational Principles
Authors: Kaul, Asha
Pandit, Anuradha
Keywords: conversational principles;Communication
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2009
Series/Report no.: WP;2006-05-03
Abstract: Managerial communication in organizations can well be studied by using drama as a heuristic device to gain an understanding of the complexities governing structure of communication, goals of participants and application of conversational principles. The technique of learning/understanding communication by application of conversational principles and maxims to drama/theatre was applied to dialogue in three absurd plays, namely, The Zoo Story, Endgame, and The Chairs. Analysis indicated that principles and maxims of cooperation and politeness are essential but not necessary prerequisites for communication. Violations of one, namely, politeness principle do not lead to cessation of communication. Communication continues despite violations, for fructification of a higher goal than is evident at the textual level of the dialogue. Extrapolating the findings in the context of the managerial situation, we found the context/situation to be the most significant variable in determining violation of conversational principles.
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