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Title: Coffee, tea or ..? : Gender and Politeness in computer mediated communication (CMC)
Authors: Kaul, Asha
Kulkarni, Vaibhavi
Keywords: computer mediated communication;Gender bias
Issue Date: 26-Jul-2010
Series/Report no.: WP;2005/1873
Abstract: This study focuses on the influence of gender and politeness on writing style in CMC, specifically work related emails, in the Indian context. Gricezs Cooperative Principle (CP) and Leechzs maxims of Politeness have been used to analyze samples of 494 work related emails written by both men and women. On the basis of this analysis, an attempt has been made to study the relationship between gender, politeness and email content. On the basis of the data, it is concluded that: 1. Different politeness maxims across genders are used in work related emails. 2. Politeness maxims are used in clusters. 3. Variations in use of politeness maxims across genders are highest in directives. 4. Violations of politeness maxims are higher in men than in women.
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