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Title: Pashu Khadya Company Limited
Authors: Raghuram, G.
Keywords: Rail Transportation;Distribution Network Design;Procurement Management;Supply Chain Management
Issue Date: 10-Aug-2010
Abstract: This case emphasizes the criteria of mode choice selection for raw material procurement of Pashu Khadya Company Limited (PKCL). PKCL is engaged in the business of animal feed manufacturing and imports its main raw material, rice bran, from Uttar Pradesh to four factories in Maharashtra. Different modes available from U.P. to the four destinations are road transport, rail (wagon load) and rail (rake load). Within rake load, single point and two-point booking options are available. Warehousing spaces at the destinations is a bottleneck. Keeping in view the costs and service considerations of different modes, we need to propose a transportation plan that will provide timely and efficient delivery of raw material.
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