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Title: Cost of conservation of agrobiodiversity
Authors: Saxena, Sanjeev
Chandak, Vikas
Ghosh, Shrabani
Sinha, Riya
Jain, Neeru
Gupta, Anil K.
Keywords: National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources - New Delhi;Centre for Development Research - Germany
Issue Date: 16-Jan-2010
Series/Report no.: W.P.;1698
Abstract: The cost of conservation of germplasm stored in gene banks i.e., ex-situ collections has been studied in other parts of the world to estimate direct and indirect contributions by various actors involved in conservation. This is the first study of its kind in India done in collaboration with National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, New Delhi. This was part of a sponsored research by Centre for Development Research, Germany. The limitations of this study are also listed so that future research in this regard can be pursued better. One of the costs not included is the cost of sharing data with local communities for enabling them to access germplasm in times of need. This is an important component of conservation and would require translation of gene bank and associated database in local language, making them available through public kiosks. This cost has not been included in any study on the subject so far. Separately, studies are underway to look at the conservation of germplasm under in-situ conditions.
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