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Title: National publishing company: marketing of children's fortnightly magazine
Authors: Koshy, Abraham
Keywords: Marketing
Issue Date: 5-Oct-1994
Abstract: In November 1990, Mr R Saxena, Marketing Manager of National Publishing Company, was considering alternative strategies to improve the sales of "Titli," a children's fortnightly vernacular magazine published by the company. Although Titli was the market leader in the children's periodicals segment, the downward trend in its circulation was causing serious concern to the company. Three factors were particularly worrying for Saxena. First, the circulation of Titli had declined by about 40 per cent after attaining peak sales in 1987. Second, despite an active advertisement campaign which coincided with the withdrawal of another leading children's fortnightly named Children's Delight from the market, Titli did not register any worthwhile increase in its circulation (From the issue which coincided with the withdrawal of Children's Delight, Titli obtained legal rights and started carrying some of the popular cartoon serials which were being carried by Children's Delight earlier and this was highlighted in all the advertisements of Titli). Third, though as a result of promotional schemes (such as time-table cards, name slips, face-masks of animals and mythological characters, etc. given free with the journal), the circulation of the particular issue increased by approximately 10 per cent, subsequent issues did not retain a significant number of the additional buyers.
Description: Vikalpa, Vol. 19, No. 3, (July-September, 1994), pp. 57 - 66
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