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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Mar-2010Banking for rural transformation: issues for '90sGupta, Anil K.
19-Mar-2010Banking in backward regions: banks-NGO-poor interface alternatives for actionGupta, Anil K.
1-Jul-2010Banking For Rural Transformation: Issues for the NinetiesGupta, Anil K.
2-Jul-2010Women in Banks: Role Enlargement or Enrichment?Bhatnagar, Deepti
14-Jul-2010Banking on GullibilityBarua, Samir K.
26-Jul-2010Delinquency and Formal CreditSingh, Gurdev
27-Jul-2010The Farm ClinicDixit, Mukund R.
29-Jul-2010Appraisal of Working Capital LoansSingh, Gurdev
30-Jul-2010People's Bank ReorganizationRamachandran, K.
2-Aug-2010People's Bank ReorganizationRamachandran, K.