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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Apr-2010Monitoring cost transaction interlinkage and the selection of optimal loan contracts: evidence from rural IndiaErickson, Christopher A.; Ghosh, Soumendra Nath; Datta, Samar K.
27-Jul-2010Changing perspective on rural credit between mid - 80s and mid - 90s - experiences of two West Bengal villagesDatta, Samar K.; Chakrabarti, Milindo
3-Apr-2010Competitive strategies for Indian agri - business cooperatives - a perspective for the next decadeDatta, Samar K.; Chakrabarti, Milindo; Gupta, Kriti Bardhan
11-May-2010Methodology for Simultaneous Determination of Factor and Product Prices in West Bengal AgricultureDatta, Samar K.
11-May-2010Understanding Rural Money Lenders - A Study Based on Two Villages from West BengalDatta, Samar K.
12-May-2010Socio-Economic Preconditions for Development of Horticulture: A Theorization Based on Case StudiesDatta, Samar K.; Naik, Gopal; Pandey, A.N.; Dasgupta, Basab
12-May-2010Collective Action, Leadership and Success in Agricultural Cooperatives-A Study of Gujarat and West BengalDatta, Samar K.; Kapoor, Sanjeev
13-May-2010Role of Markets, Cooperatives, and Government in Shaping the Contractual Arrangements for Rural DevelopmentDatta, Samar K.; Gupta, Basab Das; Swarnakar, Prasanta; Ghosh, Ashish; Ghosh, Netai Ch.; Mollah, Mooksud
13-May-2010Perspective Plan for Conservation, Management, and Development of Land Resources in the Eastern Zone of IndiaDatta, Samar K.; Mahapatra, Gokulananda; Dasgupta, Basab; Ghosh, Santanu
17-May-2010Formulation of Comprehensive Business Development Planning as a Process for Revitalizing the PACsDatta, Samar K.; Kapoor, Sanjeev