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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Apr-2010Subordinate's Personality and Supervisory Style: Some Implications for ManagementSaiyadain, Mirza S.
12-Apr-2010Psychological Tests for Executive Selection (Phase II)Saiyadain, Mirza S.; Monappa, Arun
12-Apr-2010Alienation and Satisfaction on the JobDayal, Ishwar; Misra, Sasi B.
13-Apr-2010Project on ExpathyPareek, Udai
22-Apr-2010Young Executives in MakingGarg, Pulin K.
26-Apr-2010Norms of Reward AllocationSingh, Ramadhar
26-Apr-2010Indian Managers: Perception of Self and OthersParikh, Indira J.
27-Apr-2010Involvement on the Job and Work-In-GeneralMisra, Sasi B.
27-Apr-2010Prediction and Postdiction in Social JudgementsSingh, Ramadhar
28-Apr-2010Validating an Instrument for Measuring Pioneering MotivationKhandwalla, Pradip N.