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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jun-2010Ashima Attires: Case-Writing ProjectBanerjee, Bibek; Raghuram, G.
2-Jun-2010Marketing Strategies for Multi Modal Transport by Indian RailwaysManikutty, S.; Pangotra, Prem; Raghuram, G.
3-Jun-2010Marketing Strategies for Multimodal Transport by Indian RailwaysRaghuram, G.; Manikutty, S.; Pangotra, Prem; Railway Staff College, Vadodara
3-Jun-2010Towards a National Shipping Policy: A Study of the Indian Shipping IndustryRaghuram, G.
3-Jun-2010Policy Implications for State IT Infrastructure: Study of State Wide Area NetworksJain, Rekha; Raghuram, G.
7-Jun-2010Postal Management: Cases and NotesRaghuram, G.
4-Jun-2010Logistics Management in Agriculture: Case StudiesRaghuram, G.
7-Jun-2010Passenger Road Transport Corporations: Cases and NotesRaghuram, G.
7-Jun-2010Accelerated Profession and Rural Telecom ServicesJain, Rekha; Raghuram, G.
7-Jun-2010Policy Research Networking to Strengthen Policy ReformsRaghuram, G.