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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Dec-1977Structuring the sales organizationDholakia, Nikhilesh
23-Oct-1977Short-term investment forecasting: some hypotheses and preliminary findingsPaul, Samuel; Rangarajan, C.
29-Dec-1978Control of shifting cultivation: need for an integrative approach and systematic appraisalGupta, Tirath R.; Sambrani, Shreekant
29-Dec-1978Testing for and estimation of models subject to multicollinearityGupta, S.C.; Singh, Devi
26-Jul-1977Regional rural banks: an innovation in Indian bankingWadhva, Charan D.
26-Jul-1978Fruits of management researchThomas, Philip S.
21-Jul-1978Lightwell match companyDholakia, Ruby Roy; Dholakia, Nikhilesh; Bothra, Kiran C.
21-Mar-1978The persuasive effect of source credibility: tests of cognitive responseDholakia, Ruby Roy; Sternthal, Brian; Leavitt, Clark
23-Jan-1978Some issues in India's development strategyPaul, Samuel
22-Jul-1977Rural development: problems and a framework for joint-action by voluntary agencies and business houseGupta, Ranjit