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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Sep-1991Adversary activities and per capita income growthDatta, Samar K.; Nugent, J. B.
29-Sep-1991Tenancy choice with competitive framework with transitory costsAlston, Lee J.; Datta, Samar K.; Nugent, J. B.
11-Aug-2010Livestock Sector in IndiaDatta, Samar K.; Awasthi, M. K.
2013Assessing policy interventions in agri-business and allied sector: credit versus credit-plus approach in livelihood promotionDatta, Samar K.; Pal, Debdatta; Ghosh, Anirban; Naskar, Souvik; Layek, Tapas
2012Ensuring sustainable corporate social responsibilityBalakrishan, Sundar; Datta, Samar K.
2003A management perspective for sustainable fisheries: the Indian scenarioDatta, Samar K.; Chakrabarti, Milindo
7-Jun-2010A Perspective on Sustainable Fisheries Under Global Market ConditionsDatta, Samar K.; Chakrabarti, Milindo
7-Jun-2010Ginger and Ginger Products: Management of Marketing and Exports with Special Reference to the Eastern Himalayan RegionDatta, Samar K.; Singh, Gurdev; Chakrabarty, Milindo