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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jun-2010Millennium Development Goals Needs Assessment at State Level in India: A Study of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Uttar PradeshDholakia, Ravindra H.; Kumar, Akhilesh S.; Datta, Samar K.; UN Millennium Project Team
7-Jun-2010Study on NPV Calculations for Diversion of Forest Land for Mining PurposesDatta, Samar K.; Kapoor, Sanjeev; Gupta, Kriti Bardhan; Chakrabarti, Milindo
7-Jun-2010Economic Efficiency of Indian Sugar IndustryDatta, Samar K.; Sharma, Vijay Paul; Ghosh, Soumendra Nath; Sharma, Pritee; Gandhi, Madalsa
7-Jun-2010Contract Theory and Its Application to Sugar Enterprises in IndiaDatta, Samar K.; Sen, Satyajit; Gupta, Kriti Bardhan
7-Jun-2010An Empirical Study of Hedging Against Labour Adjustment Risk via Contractual MixDatta, Samar K.; Bhate, Rucha; Mandal, Surajit
7-Jun-2010Developing India's Strategic Response to the Global Debate on Fisheries SubsidiesDatta, Samar K.; Patel, Rajendra; Nilakantan, Rahul
9-Jun-2010Towards Evolving Agricultural Policy Matrix in a Federal Structure: The Post-WTO Scenario in IndiaDatta, Samar K.; Nilakantan, Rahul; Chakrabarti, Milindo
1-Jul-2010Some Dynamics of Tenancy Cultivation: A Short Study from GujaratDatta, Samar K.; Krishna, K. V. S. M.
1-Jul-2010Are Fundamental Economic Forces Always More Powerful? Lessons from Some Cross-Sectional and Inter-Termporal Evidence on Impact on Barga Recording from West BengalDatta, Samar K.; Kapoor, Sanjeev
2-Jul-2010A Contractual Relations Approach to Study Development - Implications for ORDatta, Samar K.; Kapoor, Sanjeev