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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Aug-2010Appraisal of Crop Loans RequestDesai, Bhupat M.
16-Aug-2010Rural Banking by XYZ BankNaik, Gopal; Bhattacharjee, Sourindra; Desai, Bhupat M.
13-Aug-2010Changing Techniques for Modernization of Paddy ProcessingDesai, Bhupat M.
13-Aug-2010Process Change for Promoting Financial Innovation by ABC Bank: A Case of Potato Marketing Loan (PPML)Bhattacharjee, Sourindra; Desai, Bhupat M.
13-Aug-2010Role of Leadership in Making Rural Banking ViableDesai, Bhupat M.
13-Aug-2010ABC Bank Credit Card for FarmersBhattacharjee, Sourindra; Desai, Bhupat M.
17-Aug-2010The Function of Finance in Rural Development: A Micro PerspectiveDesai, Bhupat M.
18-Aug-2010Macro Organization and Management Model for Implementation of Technical Change in AgricultureDesai, Bhupat M.
18-Aug-2010Strengths and Weaknesses of Agriculture in IndiaDesai, Bhupat M.
18-Nov-2010Status and Impact of Land Reforms and New Technology on Agricultural DevelopmentDatta, Samar K.; Desai, Bhupat M.