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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2010Interprovincial Variation in Economic Growth in CanadaDholakia, Ravindra H.
2-Jul-2010Acceleration and Regional Disparity in Economic Growth in IndiaDholakia, Ravindra H.
2-Jul-2010Taxation in Tobacco Sector: A Win-Win SolutionDholakia, Ravindra H.
6-Jul-2010Liberalization in Gujarat: Review of Recent ExperienceDholakia, Ravindra H.
8-Jul-2010Economic Reforms and Development Strategy in GujaratDholakia, Ravindra H.
9-Jul-2010IntroductionDholakia, Ravindra H.
7-Jul-2010The Role of the State Government in Promoting Private Sector Growth: The Case of GujaratDholakia, Ravindra H.
12-Jul-2010Lessons From Decentralized PlanningDholakia, Ravindra H.
13-Jul-2010Should India Join NAFTADholakia, Ravindra H.; Ganesh Kumar, N.
14-Jul-2010Total Factor Productivity Growth in Indian ManufacturingDholakia, Bakul H.; Dholakia, Ravindra H.