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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jan-2024Inequality and income mobility: the case of targeted and universal interventions in IndiaChakrabarti, Anindya S.; Mishra, Abhinash; Mohaghegh, Mohsen
23-Jan-2024Role of resource investment management and strategic resource deployment capabilities in internationalization-performance relationshipPurkayastha, Anish; Karna, Amit; Sharma, Sunil; Badra, Dhiman
23-Jan-2024Social media “stars” vs “the ordinary” me: influencer marketing and the role of self-discrepancies, perceived homophily, authenticity, self-acceptance and mindfulnessShehzala; Jaiswal, Anand Kumar; Vemireddy, Vidya; Angeli, Federica
13-Oct-2023Transitioning diets: a mixed methods study on factors affecting inclusion of millets in the urban populationSingh, Suruchi; Vemireddy, Vidya
4-Feb-2024“Real impact”: Challenges and opportunities in bridging the gap between research and practice – Making a difference in industry, policy, and societyDwivedi, Yogesh K.; Jeyaraj, Anand; Hughes, Laurie; Davies, Gareth H.; Ahuja, Manju; Albashrawi, Mousa Ahmed; Al-Busaidi, Adil S.; Al-Sharhan, Salah; Al-Sulaiti, Khalid Ibrahim; Altinay, Levent; Amalaya, Shem; Archak, Sunil; Ballestar, María Teresa; Bhagwat, Shonil A.; Bharadwaj, Anandhi; Bhushan, Amit; Bose, Indranil; Budhwar, Pawan; Bunker, Deborah; Capatina, Alexandru; Walton, Paul
24-Jan-2024The Ethical, Societal, and Global Implications of Crowdsourcing ResearchDu, Shuili; Babalola, Mayowa T.; D’Cruz, Premilla; Dóci, Edina; Garcia-Lorenzo, Lucia; Hassan, Louise; Islam, Gazi; Newman, Alexander; Noronha, Ernesto; Gils, Suzanne van
Mar-2024Can biofuels help achieve sustainable development goals in India? A systematic reviewDas, Prantika; Jha, Chandan Kumar; Saxena, Satyam; Ghosh, Ranjan Kumar
23-Nov-2023The distortion in the EU feed market due to import constraints on genetically modified soyBasnet, Shyam Kumar; Ghosh, Ranjan Kumar; Eriksson, Mattias; Lagerkvist, Carl-Johan
29-Nov-2023Reducing market separation through e-commerce: cases of Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) firms in IndiaAngmoa, Dechen; Aithal, Rajesh K.; Jaiswal, Anand Kumar
15-Feb-2024Effect of organisational culture on employer branding and resultant employee brand equity in the private banking sectorKaur, Rajwinder; Pingle, Sameer; Jaiswal, Anand Kumar