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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jul-2010Management of Marketing and Exports of Ginger and its Products with Special Reference to East Himalayan RegionDatta, Samar K.; Singh, Gurdev; Chakrabarti, M.
9-Jul-2010Marketing in Emerging EconomiesSinha, Piyush Kumar; Oburai, Prathap
9-Jul-2010Marketing in Emerging EconomiesOburai, Prathap; Sinha, Piyush Kumar
22-Jul-2010Marketing Ahmedabad: A Realty CheckKaul, Subhashini
26-Jul-2010Banwari Lal and Subir BoseDholakia, Nikhilesh
26-Jul-2010The Ranipet Begumpur Sales WarDholakia, Nikhilesh
26-Jul-2010Creative Exercises in Sales and Distribution StrategyDholakia, Nikhilesh
26-Jul-2010Product Design Services (A)Vora, M. N.
29-Jul-2010TourismBhatt, Sanjeev; Mukhopadhyay, Sipra
1998Product practices of companiesChand, Nikhil