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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Sep-2011Should we save, what serves only human ends? a review on environmental ethicsGupta, Anil K.; Sinha, Riya
7-Jul-2010Costs of Conservation of Agrobiodiversity in IndiaSaxena, Sanjeev; Chandak, Vikas; Ghosh, Shrabani B.; Sinha, Riya; Jain, Neeru; Gupta, Anil K.
8-Jul-2010Managing People's Knowledge: An Indian Case Study of Building Bridges from Local to Global and from Oral to Scientific KnowledgeGokhale, Yogesh; Gadgil, Madhav; Gupta, Anil K.; Sinha, Riya; Prabha Achar, K.P.
16-Jan-2010Cost of conservation of agrobiodiversitySaxena, Sanjeev; Chandak, Vikas; Ghosh, Shrabani; Sinha, Riya; Jain, Neeru; Gupta, Anil K.
24-Aug-2010Environmental Conservation: Ethical ConcernsGupta, Anil K.; Sinha, Riya
6-Jul-2010Contested Domains, Fragmented Spaces: Rights, Responsibilities and Rewards for Conserving Biodiversity and Associated Knowledge SystemsGupta, Anil K.; Sinha, Riya
11-Oct-1997Participatory research: will the Koel hatch the crow's eggs?Gupta, Anil K.; Patel, Kirit K.; Sherry Chand, Vijaya; Pastakia, Astad R.; Suthar, Jithendra; Shukla, S.; Koradia, Dilip; Chauhan, V.; Raval, A.; Srinivas, C.; Sinha, Riya
22-Jul-2010Harnessing wisdom for managing watersheds: honey bee perspective on innovations, institutions and policies for marginal environmentsGupta, Anil K.; Koradia, Dilip; Sinha, Riya; Patel, Kirit K.; Muralikrishna, S.; Chokkakula, Srinivas
18-Jan-2010Building upon grassroots innovations: articulating social and ethical capitalGupta, Anil K.; Sinha, Riya; Prakash, T. N.; Koradia, Dileep; Vivekanandan, P.
24-Aug-2010Building Upon Grassroots Innovations: Articulating Social and Ethical CapitalGupta, Anil K.; Sinha, Riya; Koradia, Dilip; Prakash, T. N.; Vivekanandan, P.