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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-May-2010Management of Transportation SystemRaghuram, G.; Rao, V. Venkata; Manikutty, S.
13-May-2010Kandla-Bhatinda Pipeline: Case StudyManikutty, S.; Raghuram, G.
13-May-2010Software for Decision on Twin Single Vs. Double Line Working in RailwaysManikutty, S.; Raghuram, G.; Rao, V. Venkata
2-Jun-2010Multimodal Transport (Part of a project titled "Improving Teaching Effectiveness of Railway Staff College")Manikutty, S.; Pangotra, Prem; Raghuram, G.; Faculty of the Railway Staff College
2-Jun-2010Marketing Strategies for Multi Modal Transport by Indian RailwaysManikutty, S.; Pangotra, Prem; Raghuram, G.
3-Jun-2010Marketing Strategies for Multimodal Transport by Indian RailwaysRaghuram, G.; Manikutty, S.; Pangotra, Prem; Railway Staff College, Vadodara
1-Jul-2010A Computer Based Crew Management System for Freight Trains in South Central RailwayManikutty, S.; Raghuram, G.; Rao, V. Venkata; Roy, T.A.
6-Jul-2010The Politics of Infrastructure Development: The Kandla Bhatinda Pipeline Controversy: A Case StudyManikutty, S.; Raghuram, G.
6-Jul-2010Air Freight Ltd. (AFL)Manikutty, S.; Raghuram, G.
3-Aug-2010A Note on Transport SectorManikutty, S.; Padmanabhan, Gita; Raghuram, G.