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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Oct-1993Training programme on shipping managementRaghuram, G.; Rao, V. Venkata; Sinha, Sidharth
29-Sep-1991A decision support system for improving railway line capacityRaghuram, G.; Rao, V. Venkata
1-Oct-1993Privatisation in road transport: lessons from country experiencesManikutty, S.; Raghuram, G.
7-Oct-1995Konkan railway corporation: choice of alignment in GoaRaghuram, G.
11-Oct-1997Shipping development in India and the stateRaghuram, G.
11-Oct-1997Resource mobilisation strategies for financing transport infrastructure and servicesRaghuram, G.; Pangotra, Prem
14-Oct-1999Supply chain management the imperative evolutionRaghuram, G.; Rangaraj, N.
1-Oct-1992A computer-based crew scheduling system for freight trains in Indian railwaysRaghuram, G.; Rao, V. Venkata
30-Sep-1992Analysis of wagon utilisation for the Indian railwaysRaghuram, G.; Padmanabhan, Gita
1-Oct-1992A DSS for Itinerary planning for air travelRaghuram, G.; Shobana, R.