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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Jul-2010Logistics and Supply chain Management - Leveraging Mathematical and Analytical ModelsRaghuram, G.; Rangaraj, N.
6-Jul-2010Logistics to Supply Chain Management: The Imperative EvolutionRaghuram, G.; Rangaraj, N.
5-Jul-2010Lubol India Limited - CBanerjee, Bibek; Raghuram, G.
5-Jul-2010Lubol India Limited - ABanerjee, Bibek; Raghuram, G.
6-Jul-2010Structure and Systems for Supply Chain ManagementRaghuram, G.; Rangaraj, N.
30-Jul-2010Karnataka Engineering CompanyRaghuram, G.; Mathew, Dilip
3-Aug-2010Logistics (Physical Distribution Management) at VoltasRaghuram, G.
4-Aug-2010Visvam Ispat LimitedRaghuram, G.
5-Aug-2010Success Unlimited Incorporated - BRaghuram, G.; Nilakantan
10-Aug-2010Pashu Khadya Company LimitedRaghuram, G.