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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Aug-1978Marketing research and the regional languages problemMehta, Subhash C.; Parekh, Jayshree S.
21-Mar-1972An experimental study: impact of price, brand on consumer's choiceMehta, Subhash C.; Parasuraman, A.
17-May-1971IA consumer image: promotional efforts will help image buildingMehta, Subhash C.; Jain, Abhinandan K.
22-Mar-1972An experimental study: consumer's choice: judging quality of productsMehta, Subhash C.; Parasuraman, A.
28-Apr-1973Gasolene buying behaviour of car ownersMehta, Subhash C.
24-May-1971Improving overall image of Indian airlinesMehta, Subhash C.; Jain, Abhinandan K.
5-Jul-1972Marketing productivity in India: application of modern tools and techniquesMehta, Subhash C.
10-May-1971Consumer image of Indian airlinesMehta, Subhash C.; Jain, Abhinandan K.
11-Oct-1978Role conflict, tension, and job satisfaction: a study of medical representativesMehta, Subhash C.; Chawla, Deepak; Pandya, Anil M.; Roy, Surupa
6-Mar-1971Role of economic times in decision-making: an IIM surveyMehta, Subhash C.; Bhatia, B. S.