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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Apr-1976The GIIC technician-an analysis of induced entrepreneurshipPathak, H. N.
5-Sep-1971Problems of small scale units: expansion and diversificationPathak, H. N.
3-Jun-1972Information lacuna in project planningPathak, H. N.; Iyer, K. V.
25-Jun-1975Entrepreneurial development and trainingPathak, H. N.
1-Jul-1971Challenge to management in our timesPathak, H. N.
15-Jul-1972Drug price control: an evaluationMote, V. L.; Pathak, H. N.
25-Nov-1972The entrepreneur, technician and manager in small scale unitsPathak, H. N.
23-Nov-1977New industrial policy: possible alternativePathak, H. N.
13-Dec-1977Small scale industriesPathak, H. N.
2-Aug-1971Small units: operational stage problemsPathak, H. N.