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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Oct-1977Short-term investment forecasting: some hypotheses and preliminary findingsPaul, Samuel; Rangarajan, C.
23-Jan-1978Some issues in India's development strategyPaul, Samuel
16-Mar-1977A framework for curriculum planningPaul, Samuel
28-Feb-1970Data gaps facing business economistsPaul, Samuel
26-Feb-1972Experiments in short-term investment forecastingPaul, Samuel
May-1973Planning for growthPaul, Samuel
23-Sep-1972Housing policy: a case of subsidising the rich?Paul, Samuel
16-May-1970Investment in agriculture: a cost-benfit analysisPaul, Samuel
10-Mar-1973The dollar devaluation and India's balance of paymentsPaul, Samuel; Wadhva, Charan D.
29-May-1971Competitiveness of Indian steel exportsPaul, Samuel