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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Dec-1970Bank plans based on marketing frameworkPrasad, Keshav
3-Jun-1970Regional Wages in Indian Manufacturing 1950-60: A Statistical AnalysisVerma, Pramod
3-Sep-1970Occupational AspirationsSharma, Baldev R.
14-May-1970Focus on labour; creating climate for consentDayal, Ishwar
24-Nov-1970Banking: guidelines to marketing action plansPrasad, Keshav
28-Feb-1970Data gaps facing business economistsPaul, Samuel
14-May-1970Some dilemmas in newer concepts of administrationDayal, Ishwar
13-May-1970Innovative management of tourist industryDayal, Ishwar
18-Oct-1970Cross-cultural validation of motivation-hygiene theoryDayal, Ishwar; Saiyadain, Mirza S.
26-Nov-1970Validity of crop planning on actual farm situationGurdev, Singh